Web Design Company in Tulsa, OK


Juliane and Don HelmEighth Note is a modern web design and development company in Tulsa, OK ran by the husband and wife team of Don and Juliane Helm. Don Helm, the Owner and Creative Arts Director, has been designing and developing websites from the Tulsa area since 2003, and has been a full-time instructor of interactive media at a CareerTech center in Oklahoma for the last four years.

Juliane has worked as a Manager of Imports for a large company in Brazil, and helps manage Don's workload while also caring for their two children Ryan and Annalise. Juliane also has a lot of knowledge about web design and regularly applies her keen eye for details to their design projects.

Don and his wife Juliane have recently focused more of their efforts on developing their web design company to serve regional clients both big and small with attractive designs combined with the most modern web design techniques. Their sites not only engage end users and clearly communicate their clients' messages, but with the newest tools that Don has recently acquired in his development toolbelt, they can make gorgeous designs that adapt to a variety of screen sizes from high resolution desktop monitors all the way down to the simplest of smart phones.

Why the Name Eighth Note?

Both Don and Juliane are very musical. Don has played the trumpet and keyboard since he was in the sixth grade, and Juliane has sung with her older brother, who is a professional musician in Brazil, since she was little. When Don was working on their company identity, he chose the musical symbol of an eighth note to represent their love for music as well as the pace at which they work and keep up with technology. The eighth note, although not the quickest, still sets a good rhythmic pace that you can trust to come through in the middle of challenging passages.